Kortlagður gagnagrunnur yfir íslenskar sagnirA geographically mapped database of Icelandic folk legends

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Number of persons and legends by places

I took part of the data from the Sagnagrunnur and moved it into the mapping programme CartoDB. This programme offers various interesting possibilities for showing mapped materials. On the map below, three layers are visible at once. First of all, you can see the homes of the informants (blue dots), the size of the dots being decided by how many informants came from the same place. Next are those places referred to in the lagends (orange dots), the size of the dots being decided by how many legends take place at a particular site. The third layer (the green dots) shows once again the homes of the informants, but now the size of the dots are decided by how many legends have been recorded from the people living here.

Note that the list of choices above the map allows you to focus on a particular layer, as well as see a more detailed map.